Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt for Bigfoot

Throughout the years, thousands of documentaries have been made in search of this nomadic creature. Finally, one has been made that sheds a totally new light on the subject and may be the best documentary ever made on the subject. Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt For Bigfoot is a pleasure for a crypto lover. Never have I seen a movie that shows so many different theories and points of views. Every possible answer for Bigfoot is not only mentioned but also researched. Even the skeptics have a chance to state their idea of what the Bigfoot is.

The documentary keeps the movie fun and light by throwing in different movie clips of ape monsters, an interesting twist with all the pop-culture surrounding the Bigfoot phenomenon. Along with all these clips, we see the story of four prominent Bigfoot researchers and the stories behind how they got involved in the Bigfoot field. These stories of how things began in this field so caught my attention that I had to look them up as soon as the movie was over.

Overall if you have any interest in Bigfoot, or just Cryptozoology in general, this movie is a must see. You will never find a movie that goes so in depth into the whole story of the Bigfoot hunter as this movie does. It was definitely a pleasure to finally see a movie do this field such justice.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The White House Petition to Stop HAARP and Weather Manipulation

If you are familiar with any of my blogs or my twitter account (@scarletcircus), you would have seen that I have spent a lot of time recently outlining the possible dangers of and potential illegal use of HAARP by our government and military entities. HAARP is dangerous, it is a system that potentially could not only control weather, there is a possibility the the ELF Frequency can control minds. This system must be stopped. Today, while on twitter I was given a link to a White House petition pushing to stop Chemtrails, HAARP and Weather Modification Programs. To me, this petition is a start, but it needs tremendous support, as the White House recently upped the number of required signatures before they will even look at it. Will this go anywhere, probably not, but it will tell the White House - We The People are watching them! Below is the petition with the link in the title, and a piece I have written that shows potential links to governmental tyranny and HAARP. 

The Immediate Stop of Chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P, Weather Modification Programs!

The Use of Chemtrails and HAARP (High Altitude Aurora Research Program) Has Severely Changed our Climate causing massive hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. The Program was made to help benefit man kind and also salvage farmland during major droughts. Since the technology has been created it has done everything but its original intentions.

Chemtrails are being sprayed DAILY in our atmosphere containing aerosol toxins such as; Aluminum, Barium, Boron and Arsenic, a few Deadly toxins that were traced back to cloud seeding chemtrails.
The Use of these Deadly toxins are terrible for our environment and also have very costly health problems to every human and animal on this planet. The Government has hidden these from the public and the people demand to know why and why it isnt stopped!

The Executive Order - HAARP - Natural Disaster Connection

As I was driving home today, the words of Vice President Biden about the potential use of Executive Order for gun control struck a nerve. Sure, it is unconstitutional and an outrageous idea, but there was another reason. That secondary reason stems from my research on the use of HAARP and the signing of borderline-to-illegal executive orders by this administration. This was originally posted in separate pieces, but I believe it is time to put this all together and publish it for all people to read and dissect. Yes, it is a long post, but it is full of information that I believe is very important. Some of the ideas may seem speculative, but when you pull back the curtain and look at what is beginning to transpire, these are some signs to be monitoring. 

For many American citizens, the information that I have provided on HAARP and Weather Manipulation sits as just conspiracy theory. To them, there is no way that the government can or will control the weather, especially in a way that can harm or injure innocent victims. In looking at the evidence that we have discovered, there is no question that this type of activity could be possible. Of course, the major question would be why. While the true reasons could be many, it seems to come down to a somewhat common thread of this administration, New World Order or a World Government. That is right, the NWO that have ideals that promote Population Control, Gun Control, Martial Law, and a Police State. Yes, the theory is out there, but before you call me crazy, look at the facts and hear me out. This may not be easy to read, and you may not want to believe it, but there are just too many twists to be anything else.

While we found some disturbing activities that happened during the days, we outlined in that article, it was important to determine a point where these types of occurrences started. In my view, the precision that was demonstrated by placing a HAARP signal in the perfect spot at the precise power ratio that would steer Hurricane Sandy almost to a 90-degree turn would have to be an outcome and not a chance placement. With that in mind, I did a random Google search for natural disaster and HAARP, just in a chance something would hit, and something did. In searching for answers, a disturbing trend started to appear with natural disasters and a long stretch of what many consider unconstitutional executive orders or legislation.

The date was January 12, 2010 and the massive 7.0 Earthquake struck Haiti, destroyed much of a country that was barely hanging on after being hit with four hurricanes, and guess what, there were major HAARP testing events taking place that day. Now that may be coincidence, but it was what was happening in the Executive Offices that added some clarity to the ordeal. Executive Order 13528 the Establishment of the Council of Governors was signed. Sure, from the name, it may sound harmless, but in reality, it is the Executive Order that for all intensive purposes outline how and when Martial Law is to be set in the United States. That is right, Martial Law here inside our borders. Ironically, all test data for the HAARP system on this date has been deleted.

Incredibly, the foray into the ultimate goal of New World Order seems to be growing and the cloak of misdirection is just beginning. Yesterday, I covered what seemed to be the beginning of the use of HAARP to control the weather for political gain in this current administration. At this point, I am still researching strange weather phenomena and governmental actions in previous administrations, which I am positive, will exist. Now, it is time to continue on breaking down this string of concentrated coincidences. We will spend this article documenting the eventful year of 2011, starting with the tragedies suffered in Joplin, Missouri.

From all accounts, there were some extreme HAARP readings in the time preceding the devastating tornados that ravaged Joplin, Missouri. While the specific numerical values of those levels are not available to the extent they are now, “HAARP Rings” were found on multiple weather RADAR systems prior to the ordeal. In a strange twist, this storm, coupled with some recent flooding not only fit the profile of the United Nations famed Agenda 21 for population control, it also coincided with the signing of another Executive Order, Executive Order 13574 of May 23, 2011, Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions Set Forth in the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996, as Amended. It authorizes the government to seize assets of a “sanctioned person” in a battle against terrorism.

This is the first time you see the term “sanctioned” person in use and it will be a key theme moving forward. What is a sanctioned person? By loose definition, it could be someone with multiple guns, someone with a stockpile of ammunition, someone who has a stash of gold or silver, and the best someone with seven days of stored food. Honestly, that describes many Americans. Of course, some will argue that this mentions Iran specifically, but in reading it, it only calls Iran by name once and uses the reference United States Person on more than one occasion.

The next date is September 9, 2011, the same day that we outlined in one of our other HAARP articles, when Hurricane Irene bore down on the East Coast, an earthquake hit Vancouver, and there was destruction in Central America. On that date, we did not see President Obama intently watching the devastation in real time in the White House Situation Room like with Hurricane Sandy. In fact, he was busy signing Executive Order 13584 - Developing an Integrated Strategic Counterterrorism Communications Initiative and Establishing a Temporary Organization to Support Certain Government-wide Communications Activities Directed Abroad. From the name, and for the most part in reading it, it is an anti-terrorism order. Yet, a closer look would reveal that it authorizes a special agency inside the State Department to create a communications link monitoring terrorist activities against American citizens in national and international areas. Really, this one is not extremely dangerous by itself, but again, this is one of many to come.

After this order, things quieted down, until Executive Order 13590 - Authorizing the Imposition of Certain Sanctions with Respect to the Provisions of Goods, Services, Technology, or Support for Iran's Energy and Petrochemical Sectors signed on November 20, 2011. This was an interesting order because the term “sanctioned person” was used again. Coincidently, that date also matched a day where severe weather along with heavy rain started for the parts of the United States, including heavy precipitation in the Northwest that measured at least seven inches in some areas.

To close out 2011, we move to December, when President Obama signs the extremely contentious National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This act has been in place since the early 2000s and has been controversial since its inception. If you have not heard of the act, you must be out of the loop. This act authorizes $662 billion in funding for the defense of the United Statesand its interests abroad. It includes items such as Department of Defense health care costs, counter-terrorism within the U.S. and abroad and military modernization. It also imposes economic sanctions against Iran (section 1045), commissions appraisals of the military capabilities of countries such as Iran, China, and Russia, refocuses the strategic goals of NATO, and gives governors the ability to request the help of military reservists in the event of a hurricane, earthquake, flood, terrorist attack or other disaster.

While those issues may not seem out of line, the most controversial provisions are contained in Title X, Subtitle D, entitled Counter-Terrorism. These include sub-sections 1021 and 1022, which deal with detention of persons the government suspects of involvement in terrorism. The controversy was to their legal meaning and potential implications for abuse of Presidential authority. Although the White House and Senate sponsorsmaintain that the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) already grants presidential authority for indefinite detention, or the creation of a kill list, the act states that Congress "affirms" this authority and makes specific provisions as to the exercise of that authority for indefinite detention without trial. Of course, separately these mean little, but as a whole, create a tangled web. Especially when you dig a bit deeper in natural disasters with somewhat troubling political undercurrents involved.

Do you see how these events are connected, and at the price of the freedoms granted in the Constitution of the United States. The combination of the unconstitutional portions of the NDAA, coupled with the powers granted in these executive orders sit at the heart of something bigger than the War on Terror. Think about what we have heard, Osama Bin Laden is Dead; the terrorists are on the run. Even if that was the case, and it is not, why do we have a need for so many covert orders that have to potential to suppress Constitutional Rights? The only reason I can see is something much darker, something mentioned by President George H.W. Bush, the New World Order. A reference he made multiple times including once on September 11, 1990 and then again in his most famous statement in March 1991.

Just like what was found during the breakdown of 2011, there was a groundswell of activity found to this point in 2012. Not surprisingly, along with that increase in natural disaster phenomena, there is also a rise in the use of Executive Orders that potentially infringe upon American Constitutional Rights.

Moving forward from the updated NDAA Bill to close 2011, there is one other detailed executive order signed on a date filled with natural disasters prior to our most recent events. On that day, March 16, 2012, Executive Order 13603 - National Defense Resources Preparedness was signed, an order that authorizes the seizure of materials in case of a national disaster, or yes, during times of Martial Law. What disasters took place that day? There was a Tornado in Dexter, Michigan and a 5.7 magnitude earthquake in Leyte, Philippines

Which bring us to the more recent activities, starting with October and Hurricane Sandy. If this theory is happenstance, how can nearly all of the same elements from September 9, 2011, be in place as the massive storm made landfall? That is right; we saw the highest HAARP Readings ever recorded in place in the direct path of the storm, the 7.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Vancouver and saw the Popocatepetl Volcano in Central Mexico increase moderate intensity explosion frequency, which died down as the HAARP signals on the East Coast reduced. 

What makes this one just as interesting is the fact that incredibly, moments before the storm struck, the President signed Executive Order 13629 - Establishing the White House Homeland Security Partnership Council.  Sounds innocent right, not so much. This order creates a Homeland Security and Private partnership that in many ways, pushes for the end of American sovereignty and move toward the NWO. Not only is this partnership something unbelievable, putting it in place, just as those services are going to be tested should be something of fiction. Unfortunately, it was not fiction, it was reality, and citizens have needlessly suffered in the aftermath of the storm.

Of course, this was also signed during the period that won this past election for the president, where 41 percent of those who were polled based their vote on the handling of New Jersey and New York during the hurricane. Amazing, absolutely amazing. In some ways, those remarks sparked some thought of an even darker portion of HAARP that I have not mentioned yet, Mind Control. Honestly, we have all seen the ineptitude of the federal and state response to the disaster areas in these and other states, how is it possible to view any of that in a positive manner, especially to the point where you base your presidential vote on the handling of a disaster. It should be impossible, unless there is an outside force at work. Remember, these were the strongest readings ever recorded, interesting, considering the amount of signal required to control ones thoughts would inherently be higher than manipulating the weather.

Now, some will say, with the election in hand, why would there be a need to follow up Hurricane Sandy with another HAARP controlled storm. That answer is simple, to silence calls of voter fraud, the cries of those still suffering in the aftermath of Sandy where Martial Law has been set in some areas, and of course, Gun Control. Let us revisit that date, November 7, there are high HAARP readings recorded centered over those areas in the path of the storm, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake recorded off the coast of Vancouver and a 7.4 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Guatemala in Central America. Again, this seems like a strange coincidence. 

Question, did anyone notice that the day after the election, the United States reentered talks with the United Nations to start a policy controlling arms manufacturing and trade. For many, this is the first step of infringing in Second Amendment Rights. Did they notice that that this was the same day that talks of the Iranian drone attack or the CIA Director resignation were released to the public as well? No, probably not, as many were still applauding the election and commenting on the great job being done in the disaster areas, even as people were freezing to death – Mind Control again.

Let me start this final paragraph stating that I do not believe that these events are limited only to this administration, and that previous administrations most likely have accomplished these actions and more. As I stated in one of my earlier HAARP pieces, the United Nations banned Weather Manipulation in War during the 1970s, meaning it has been possible for some time, with origins traced all the way back to before Tesla. With that in mind, I will keep working to solve this mystery, even though; this article paints an almost unmistakable picture. Sure, this information may sound a bit speculative, and it may be, but honestly, can this all be just coincidence? I would think that would be virtually impossible and if not impossible, at least implausible.

“Until now, the world we’ve known has been a world divided –a world of barbed wire and concrete block, conflict and cold war. Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order.”
President George H.W. Bush

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ancient Mysteries - Bigfoot

Last night, I took a break from everything as I headed out for a Friday high school football game, and to see my oldest daughter rock out on her trumpet with the band. Unfortunately, the hometown football team lost, but her band did rock out. Now, being back out in the mode, I decided to jump back into a Bigfoot Documentary with the 1997 Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot from A&E.

Plot/ Ancient Mysteries examines the history and myths surrounding the Pacific Northwest creature known as Bigfoot.

This newer reincarnation of the classic Leonard Nimoy series In Search Of, continued the ideal of taking on a subject by presenting the audio or visual evidence along with a cross-section of interviews. In this case, as with a lot of documentaries, there is quite a bit of rehashed material. In fact, this one did a great job of providing a solid historical look with a modern take and theory.  In the end, it was an entertaining documentary of the subject, but it offered very little in new evidence. Is it worth watching, absolutely, but do not expect a revelation to come out of it.  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paul McCartney Really Is Dead - The Last Testament of George Harrison

As some may know, I love conspiracies! I am a conspiracy theory nut, who is always searching for answers to some of the strange things that surround us, or am looking over my shoulder for the men in black to arrive. Last night I stumbled onto a flick that I had not watched before, the Beatles related Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison.

Plot/ Until now, the "Paul is Dead" mystery was considered a hoax. However, in this film, a voice that sounds eerily like George Harrison reveals a secret Beatles history, chronicling McCartney's fatal accident, and dozens of unknown clues, exposing "Paul McCartney" as an impostor!

While there is a plethora of material on the Paul is Dead Hoax online, it was nice to find quite a bit of that in one visual place that I could watch on my television. Yes, none of the material was really new.  However, while the story definitely seemed far fetched and implausible, some of it truly tied things together in a strange way. Of course, the reality that some truths and facts were changed to skew the story in this way really takes away from the flick. Honestly, I had to laugh about the Heather Mills piece that is a classic! As a fan that has always found this conspiracy theory fascinating, I definitely enjoyed it. Sure it is a flawed mockumentary that probably should not be taken seriously, but somewhere inside the clues may be some sort of reality. Really, why didn’t Faul (I mean Paul) attend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction? The idea in this could be true couldn’t it? I would not rent this one, but if you have Netflix give it a chance, you may get a good laugh!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Big Cat in Connecticut

This is an older investigation piece that seems to have come true. A couple years ago I was watching the news in New Jersey and to my surprise a story came on about a Mountain Lion sighting in Connecticut in the New York City suburbs came on. Ironically, roughly six years ago when I was working with my friends at the Smoking Gun Research Agency and doubling as Editorial Director for Haunted Times Magazine, I was called into that same area to research some big cat sightings. In talking with the state park agency, me and my teammates were basically told that we were insane, that it was impossible for any type of Mountain Lion to be alive in this area. I guess, that maybe they should have paid attention to our group and the citizens that originally reported the sightings.

Big Cat in Connecticut,
Connecticut based paranormal research group search for answers.

Right now researchers from around the world are searching the far ends of the earth for new, previously undiscovered animals. Most people have heard of the expeditions searching for Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or the Yeti. But, while these researchers are off searching for these famous cryptids, others are having success rediscovering animals that were once thought to be extinct. Recently, wildlife scientists rediscovered North America's largest woodpecker in central Arkansas in April 2005. The discovery of the Ivory-Billed Woodpeckerwas the culmination of an intensive year-long effort focusing in on an area of the Cache River and White River national wildlife refuges. It involved more than 50 experts and field biologists working together as part of the Big Woods Partnership. In the end it was a year well spent, with the group capturing a male ivory-billed woodpecker on video, providing proof to the skeptics that doubted the cryptids existence.

Rediscovery of thought to be extinct animals plays a huge part in the world of Cryptozoology. Sure, in some ways it is less exhilarating then searching for Bigfoot, but in the end it can be more satisfying. Everyone has heard of the mountain lion, or Felis Concolor, it is a large, tawny, long-tailed cat also known as a cougar, puma, or panther. These animals are believed to have been forced to extinction in the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada since the early 1900's. However, increased environmental protection and improved habitat has led to a rise in mountain lion populations in the Western United States, which has caused speculation that the species has migrated to the East.

These large cats can grow to 5 to 7 feet in length, 2 to 3 feet in height, and weight between 70 and 150 pounds. They are solitary, extremely elusive and difficult to track; mountain lions are predators of deer, birds and smaller animals and would not be a friendly visitor on an afternoon hike. Sightings and stories of these large predators have been reported throughout Massachusetts and along the Appalachian Trail which winds through this region.

We started our ongoing investigation after receiving multiple sighting reports documenting the potential existence in the Burlington region of the Blue Trail.

"The first was a dead on sighting and the critter was about 5 feet long, tan, and very smooth looking with a long tail about 25% the length of its body. It was carrying a bloody lump of dead animal in its mouth. Not sure what it was chewing on but it was not looking very healthy. This was definitely not a Bobcat which I have encountered many times in those woods."

The second sighting was a little less distinct, "characterized by a shrill growl and a glimpse of a long body with a long tail running across a ridge and into the tree line."

Even though the vague descriptions provided in these reports have the characteristics of a Mountain Lion, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) remains skeptical. In fact, the DEP runs multiple programs looking for new animals in the forests. Every year they investigate possible sightings by taking photos, analyzing prints and scat, or animal feces and in each case, they have come up empty. After concluding an initial fact finding mission on the habitat and tendencies of a Mountain Lion, members of the Smoking Gun Research Agency (SGRA) hit the field for a detailed field investigation. Over the next 12 hours the team would make some interesting discoveries.

The group centered their investigation on an area of the Tunxis Blue Trail between Burlington and Bristol Connecticut. The terrain in the area seems ripe for Mountain Lion habitat, having large rocky outcrops surrounded by lush wetlands. During their hike the group noticed quite a few tracks that were the general size and shape of a Mountain Lion (3 inches by 4 inches). Unfortunately, none of the tracks were cast-able. Casting tracks in that area will be extremely difficult due to the amount of leaves on the ground.

In one area roughly 3/4 mile behind the Lampson Corner Cemetery (which in itself is a noted haunted cemetery in Connecticut), the group discovered an interesting set of tracks intermixed with deer and dog tracks. These tracks had the same characteristics as the above mentioned track with a stride measurement of 39 inches. This stride is also on par with a mountain lion.

Right outside of a marsh area in the same area of one of the sightings, the group stumbled across the remnants of a large bird. These remains were on a pathway that ran between the marsh and a hill full of rocky outcrops.

While the group found no definitive proof during their first field investigation, they did uncover enough evidence to warrant a return. The 12 hours the team has invested is a far cry from the year spent to uncover the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. But, with any luck their search will be just as successful.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Real Zombie Mythos

The Zombie Mythos has changed over generations. Beginning in the Middle Ages, people started to believe that the souls of the departed could return to this realm in different forms. Many accounts of revenants, or someone raised from the grave, were documented by noted European writers of the period, describing terrifying encounters with these emancipated corpses of the underworld. These encounters were not limited to Europe, tales of the undead can be found across the globe from China to South America

Today, modern zombies are portrayed in both books and film quite differently then their true place in legend and lore. The transition of the undead into these supernatural, flesh eating remnants of life can easily be traced back to classic Night of the Living Dead, a film that resonates today as loudly as it did when it was released in 1968. Prior to this conversion into re-animated carnivores, legends of walking corpses and mind control could be summed up in one word, Voodoo; the ancient often misunderstood religion that in many locations still conjures thoughts of fear and terror in the collective. the idea of real zombies is unique to voodoo, with the Creole word zombi derived from Nzambi, a West African Snake God named Damballah Wedo of Niger-Congo origin. 

Before going further in-depth on these infamous creatures and their real life existence, I want to lead you through a brief stroll through the history and foundation of this path. This religion is based soundly in Ha├»tian beliefs and supersitions. In fact, the word Voodoo, is derived from the word vodu in the Fon language of Dahomey, meaning spirit or god. In research, it is easy to trace this way of life back to the seventeenth century, brought to the West Indies slaves captured primarily from the kingdom of Dahomey, an empire that encompassed parts of what is known today as West Africa. This word also describes the multifaceted spiritual belief system practiced by these unwilling tenants of the New World. 

Recent studies have indicated that nearly 60 million people claim to practice voodoo or similar religions worldwide.  Voodoo, like many other religions, involves the belief in one supreme god, Bon Dieu, and a hierarchy of spirits called Loa. These spirits are closely related to African Gods and often represent nature and the dead. They consist or two primary groups, the Rada (helpful or good) and the Petro (dangerous and evil). The ideals of good and evil, lie at the heart of everything practiced in this religion, even their priests. In traditional lore, the Houngan or Mambo practice White Magic (good) and the Bokor or Caplata practice Black Magic (Evil).

In practicing Voodoo, a once normal person can be transformed via zombification through a spell or potion by a Bokor, dying and eventually returning to life as a mindless robot, incapable free thought or will, destined to suffer through eternity controlled entirely by the zombie master. There are many examples of zombies in modern day Haiti to back up these claims. One of the more famous occurrences is that of Dictator Papa Doc Duvallier (1957 to 1971), who controlled a private army called Tonton Macoutes. Eyewitnesses to the strange behavior exhibited of this elite guard described them as being in a trance-like state, following every command of the dictator. Ironically, Duvallier led a Voodoo church, often claiming he would rise from the ashes and rule again. While there have been cases where these creations have regained some mental capacity, these incidents are extremely rare. One such case is of a man named Caesar who returned 18-years after his death, to marry, have three children and die again, 30- years later.

To me, one cannot disregard the historic importance of these beliefs and the possibility of the undead walking amongst us. However, it is extremely unfortunate that the mass appeal of the Zombie in popular literature and film reduces this religion to something it is not. Voodoo is not just a form of sorcery or a form of black witchcraft, and it is far from the cannibalistic practices portrayed on the silver screen that soils the reputation of not only the practice but of the Haitian culture as well. Voodoo, like Catholicism, Lutheranism, or Paganism is a valuable and viable religious practice for those that choose that path and should be treated with the same respect.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hunt the Dogman

This is a strange tale that was brought to life by Mysterious Kentucky author Bart Nunnelly and John Johnsen (Grendel Films). From the outset of the documentary, the care and genuine interest in researching this legendary creature and the desire to stay true to the findings was apparent. Something, that often goes by the wayside in the mass-market, worldwide attempts at documenting the Cryptozoological realm.

For those unfamiliar with the Dogman, this film calls you. It outlines the existence of one of the strangest and terrifying legends that lives in our backwoods, even providing stunning parallels to the well-known Beast of Bray Road. This film outlines the field investigation and research conducted on The Spottsville Monster and the Beast of the Land between the Lakes, interviewing key witnesses that unwillingly found their way into the path of the creature. This tall, hairy creature with a muzzle has been encountered in many areas, and there is little doubt left by the witnesses that something does roam the wild, stalking the darkness of more than our imaginations.

No one knows what the Dogman is; a Bigfoot-like primate, a mythological werewolf, or even a plain walker from another dimension. Yet, the name alone sends chills down the spines of the unfortunate witnesses of the presence of this lurker. This documentary provides all you need to know as a primer into the foray of the creature and captures the detailed search for evidence that every researcher faces in the Cryptozoological maze.

No matter where you stand with the idea of Cryptozoology, Hunt the Dogman provides a vital reference in researching this famed creature, as well as, just being an interesting and informational documentary for anyone interested in the unexplained, mysterious monsters, or Cryptozoology. Pick up your copy of this great film or check out some of the other title available today at